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WHOA. Man Wears Rifle While Shopping?!!! (VIDEO/ PHOTO)

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Four hours after President Obama called for a renewed ban on assault weapons, a Utah man wore his assault rifle to a local J.C. Penney, in defiance of the new gun laws and to prove that “guns can be safe if carried by law-abiding citizens”.

Ol' boy strapped that AR-15 across his back and armed himself with a glock 9 handgun then got to shopping and even stopped to get something to eat! The rifle-toting shopper was later identified as 22-year-old Joseph Kelley.
“I felt no negative vibes from anyone,”
Kelley told the Tribune.
“I think it went rather surprisingly well.”
He said he carries weapons with him in order to protect children and others from “criminals, cartels, drug lords” and other “evil men.”

So, NO ONE went crazy? Swat teams did not even take the man down?!


Watch the report below:

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