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Rapper Shawty Lo Arrested At The Mall! (PHOTO)

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Rapper Shawty Lo was handcuffed by police this weekend while shopping!

He was arrested at an Atlanta strip mall allegedly for failure to pay child support to one of his 10 baby’s mama for one of his 11 children!

He was arrested on Friday, January 18, after taping an episode of CNN's Showbiz Tonight to discuss his on again, off again All My Babies' Mamas reality show (he is wearing the same clothing on the program that he has on while being arrested).

Shawty Lo made bail after his arrest and headed straight to the corporate offices of multiple networks to shop his show allegedly.

The reality show was set to be on the Oxygen network but rumors say it has been canned.

But if you're still looking for that ratchet reality T.V, have no worries...

 Shawty Lo has now started a petition to bring back the show and recently told TMZ that he has suitors from other networks that will bring the program to a television near you.

"There are offers on the table," 

he said, before adding,

 "I take pride in having been actively present in all my children's lives -- and I understand my family doesn't represent the typical American family, but it's my family and it works for us."
Sorry, but can't help but wonder if his "arrest" was plotted by him and his team just to give publicity to his struggling show...

Any publicity, good publicity?


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