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"TALK OF THE WEEK": Last Minute TOP Halloween Costume Ideas!!

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It's that time of year again!

Everyone's talking about Halloween this week, but do you have your costume yet?


Check out the "Talk of the Week"below:

Besides the normal every year costumes... we have a few last minute cleaver ideas for you to rock.

Check out some of the hottest top Halloween looks of 2012...

1.) Rihanna (from her new "Unapologetic" album cover) 

What you need:
- Nude tank top. Or for men, nothing--this would make a fierce drag costume. (Thrift store, $1.00)
- White and black body paint (Party City, $1.50 each)
- Iron-on transfer paper (Staples, $10.00 for pack)
- An iron
- A computer printer
- Dark purple or deep red lipstick (Drug store, $2.50)
NOTE: Any materials that don't have prices are things I already had or borrowed.

How to make:
Step 1: Print out a picture of Rihanna's Egyptian goddess Isis tattoo on a sheet of iron-on transfer paper. Oh look, I've got one for you to print right here, aren't I nice? Make sure you print on the correct side. Carefully read the instructions on the package, you dope. (I actually printed on the wrong side the first time.)
Step 2: Cut out and iron the tattoo onto the front of the nude tank top, according to the paper's instructions. Try on the top first to make sure the tattoo placement is right under the boob area. If you're a guy, you're stuck drawing on the tattoo or you can still make the tank top.
Step 3: Put on your finished shirt when cools.
Step 4: Do your makeup as you see fit, and finish off with a plum or deep burgundy lipstick. Slick back you hair put in a low bun if long. Pin back if short. If you have bangs, keep some of them forward. Add thin necklaces if you like.
Step 5: Now this is crucial: Have a trusty, steady-handed friend paint the words on you and your shirt. You likely won't be able to fit everything, but do the best you can. (I attempted to draw on myself using a mirror and let me tell you, drawing backwards on yourself in cursive sucks.) I also recommend using liquid body paints with a paintbrush instead of grease crayons like I did. The color will come out bolder, and on the shirt a paintbrush won't snag like a grease crayon did for me. If you're painting, make sure the black part that covers one boob dries before painting "Unapologetic" over it.
Step 6: Practice the pose—people will want to take a photo! And somehow don't touch anything until you get to your Halloween destination.

Crank it up: Print out a stack of copies of her album cover. Autograph them as Rihanna and graciously pass them out to fellow party goers. Feel free to randomly yell out, "F**k yo apologies!"
Time to create: 30 min
Cost: $15.00

2.) Honey Boo Boo

Supplies - blond wig, tiara, glitzy dress, sash, high heels, press on nails, pink lipstick, pink blush, white eye shadow, black eyeliner, black mascara

Step 1: Apply exaggerated make-up. Heavy white eye shadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, pink lipstick and pink blush.

Step 2: Put on your wig.
Honey Boo Boo is a natural blond who often struts across the pageant stage with an up-do. For this reason, you can wear a half piece or twisted/pinned whole piece to mimic her. Find a wide selection of blond wigs at or on eBay under Dolly Parton wigs.

Step 3: Step into your dress.
To properly represent this former Toddlers and Tiaras contestant, you should select a bright, shiny, ornate dress in a primary color, preferably pink or blue. Go short, if possible. You can find the gaudy dress of your dreams at or at a local consignment store.

Step 4: Add your accessories. 1st you need a tiara, then a sash. On the sash, get can write "here comes Honey Boo Boo" on or another telling statement with a felt pin or glue and glitter.

Step 5: Coin your best accent (southern of course). Also, use phrases like a 'dolla makes me holla' and 'you bettah redneckonize' in order to further alert people to who you are on this fun holiday. This step will get a lot of laughs.

Or you can just buy the pageant costume here.

 3.) PSY ("Gangnam Style" video)

This one's pretty easy. Slip on shades and a suit, then dance stupidly every time someone asks what you are for Halloween.

But if you want to get even more creative....

What you need:

- John Oates blazer, keep the black tape on
- More black tape
- White, collared, button-up shirt
- Bow tie, either a real one or a black paper one taped on
- Round sunglasses

How to make:

Step 1: Finish off the blazer by taping the edges of the pocket flaps
Step 2: Put on shirt, blazer, glasses and bow tie.
Step 3: Part hair and slick back. Put you hair in a low bun or pinned back if it's long.

Crank it up: Download "Gangnam Style" to your phone. Play randomly and break out the dance. You better love dancing and acting a fool, because you can't possibly dress like PSY out in public and not do the dance!

Time to create: 2 minutes

4.) Gwen Stefani  (from the new video "Spiderwebs" from No Doubt)

What you need:

- White tank top, cut short (Target, $2.00 for one)
- Iron-on transfer paper (Staples, $10.00 for pack)
- Plaid pants. I happened to have a pair of plaid, but any red, orange, purple, dark green pants would work. You can also try colored Dickies that you can buy at an army supply store. But I'm sure you can find someone to borrow from! (Don't spend more than $25.00)
- Black suspenders for the bondage straps. You also use black ribbon, skinny neckties, an old black t-shirt cut into long strips, etc. Use that noggin! (Forgo if you have to buy)
- Leather punk bracelets (Forgo if you have to buy)
- Black or dark-colored bra
- Lace-up boots like Doc Martens. Regular boots, Converse or Vans work too. No flip flops!

Materials for Makeup Look:

- Red lipstick (Drug store, $2.50)
- Small silver rhinestones (Jo-Ann Fabrics, $2.00)
- Eyelash glue (Drug store, $2.00)
- Black eyeliner (Drug store, $1.00)

Write Gwen on your shirt!

 Cost: about $19.50.

 5.) Big Bird (from Mitt Romney's infamous 2012 Presidential debate quote)

After Mitt Romney's notorious comment in the first Presidential Debate about cutting funds for PBS despite the fact that he "loves Big Bird" went viral, everyone'll get a big laugh at this costume.

What to do: Dress in yellow, invest in a fuzzy yellow hat or bird mask, and proudly wave around the American flag. 

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