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Latest Updates: 7 Million Affected, 106 Dead As #Sandy Rips Through The East Coast (Photos)

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Everyone's talking about Sandy!

Even though it has sustained winds of 85 mph, at 7 p.m Monday night, the National Hurricane Center stopped classifying Sandy as a hurricane.

UPDATES 11/3/12: The number of customers without power dropped to 2.68 million, according to utility
 companies in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

The U.S. death toll has now risen to 106.

UPDATES 10/30/12:

(NYC, 14th Street)

Total deaths: 84
In the U.S. so far: 16
5 in New York
2 Maryland
2 in Connecticut
3 in New Jersey
2 in Philadelphia
1 West Virginia
1 HMS Bounty deckhand who was found unresponsive and later declared dead at hospital
Outside the U.S.: 1 in Canada. And earlier: 67 in the Caribbean, including 51 in Haiti.

NYU Hospital evactuated more than 200 patients overnight due to a power outage...including babies that were in NICU.

The subways and tunnels were shut down in NYC..... over 7,700 flights were canceled around North least 16 dead in the U.S. from from falling trees...and more than 7 million suffered without power in 13 states.

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to people from Maine to South Carolina, with most of Manhattan powered out by nightfall.

The outages are the result of flooding and downed trees hitting power lines, which is expected to face the brunt of the storm.

In the New York City area, more than 17,000 Long Island Power Authority customers were in the dark at midday Monday. The utility expects that some customers could be without power for seven to 10 days.

The National Grid, which provides power to millions of customers, said 60 million people could be affected.

"It could be bad,"
said U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. Steven Rattior,

"or it could be devastation."

President Obama urged those in the path of the storm to heed warnings and other instructions.

"The most important message I have for the public right now is please listen to what your state and local officials are saying......When they tell you to evacuate, you need to evacuate."

Obama said he was not worried about how the storm might affect the election.

"I'm worried about the impact on families; I'm worried about the impact on first responders; I'm worried about the economy and transportation....The election will take care of itself next week."

If your in Sandy's path, it's always good to be prepared and take these precautions just in case your power goes out....

1. Fill your bathtub with water, unless you have little children. This water can be used for drinking, washing, and flushing the toilet. Water supplies are often compromised by hurricanes and either become undrinkable or stop flowing.

2. Turn your refrigerator and freezer temperatures down to their coldest settings. This will give your food a bit more of a chance of surviving if the power goes out.

3. Look to see how to turn off your water and gas. If there is damage
to your utilities, you may be instructed to turn them off. Better to figure out how to do this now.

4. Make sure to have a first aid kit in your home filled with an assortment of band aids, gauze, tape, gloves and other medical supplies, as well as a manual.

5. The CDC also recommends having personal hygiene supplies on hand like soap, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, etc. You should also have disposable cleansing wipes, such as "baby wipes," for the whole family to use in case bathing facilities are unavailable.

Keep mobile phones charged, in case of power outage they are critical devices to call for help or assistance.

FEMA says if you are looking for a open shelters... Text: SHELTER + a zip code to 43362 (4FEMA). Ex: Shelter 01234

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