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MO' MONEY MO' PROBLEMS: Drake Gets Sued BIG Time!

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When you're at the top, just like B.I.G said, "Mo' Money Mo' Problems"...

The man who found Drake and introduced him to Lil' Wayne says he hasn't been getting paid and has now filed lawsuits to get Drake's royalties.

Jas Prince filed a total of 10 lawsuits in Manhattan Supreme Court against Drake’s management team (Aspire Music Group LLC), specifically against Drake’s manager, Cortez Bryant, Gerald Roberson and Derrick Lawrence, for breaches of contract and fiduciary duty.

You know what that means...he wants his cut from everything that Drake did AND will be doing. Let's not forget Lil' Wayne gets his cut, and Baby (Birdman) gets his cut too.

Sources say Drake may be planning on suing his own Management team.

This is the same 7 Million dollar bidding deal kid where talking about here that everyone was fighting over. Hope everything works out for the homie Drake on this one!

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