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UPDATE: Chris Brown & Drake Brawl! NYPD Now Investigating!

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Did Drake and Breezy really just duke it out?

Last night twitter went in a frenzy after Chris Brown tweeted,

Niggas throwing bottles! Y'all niggaz weak!"

Bottles? It's nothing! Lol

Word is Drake and Chris Brown were both partying at WIP inside Greenhouse in NYC, next think you know glass bottles were being thrown everywhere...according to club goers...

Rihanna must have that good...I was in a bottle throwing match and glass is all over me... Who am I gonna sue chris brown or drake?

Just walked outside Chris & Drake showdown!!
Even rapper Meek Mill was there, who was said to be walking out laughing.

Chris sent out a photo of a gnarly gash he got to the face...

Meek then wrote on Twitter,
It wasn't me (shaggy voice) lol

Soon after, as usual, Chris deleted all of his tweets.

We hear the fight was with Drake's entourage and Chris' bodyguard had blood all over him.... when the cops arrived Chris and Drake were not present and no arrests were made.

So what do YOU think really happened? Did Chris and Drake just brawl is out over Rihanna?


- Lots of other rappers and entertainers are putting their 2 cents in...causing more drama!

Rapper Roscoe Dash ("All the way Turt Up" / "Show Out", "No Hands") jumped on Twitter and wrote...

imma say is jumping niggas and swinging bottles over a woman who doesn't belong to ANYBODY!!! Aynt gangsta at all!.. no points given

gotta say Lost alota respect for @Drake & @MeekMill out of all the niggas who Dnt like yall y'all chose to retaliate against @chrisbrown

Meek Mill fired back...

you gotta chill b4 you b tweeting my name in some shit i wasn't even really in! Stay in ya lane!

Rosco responded,
lmao there aynt no lanes on this BIG ass hwy my brother but like I said I'm just voicing my opinion

Other rappers like Juelz Santana took a more humorous approach...

U think drake a pull some shit like that ya never nooooo LOL

Chris Brown then tried to set the record straight tweeting,

Me and @MeekMill ain't on that bullshit. Real respect Real

- Not only was Chris' bodyguard injured after the brawl....

but there are also innocent club goers, who had bottles thrown to their faces....

Check out the aftermath...

- Drake's reps responded saying,
"Drake did not participate in any wrongdoing of any kind last night at W.i.P. He was on his way out of the club when the altercation began....did not engage in any activity which resulted in injury to person or damage to property.”

But sources still stick to their guns saying, the whole fight started when Chris Brown and Drake's VIP tables started arguing. The story is unclear right now but club goers are saying that even though they have been arguing on Twitter, Chris sent over bottles to Meek and Drake...words started being exchanged then allegedly Drake flipped them off.

One source even says Drake yelled at Chris,
"You be on that ho s**t on Twitter n***a"

And other sources say Chris' friend yelled
"someone gonna die tonight"

- Chris Brown has allegedly lawyer-ed up, speaking to NYPD about the altercation and they are now investigating... claiming they have "physical evidence" showing that both Drake and Meek Mill were the aggressors.

- (June 15, 2012)Chris Brown deleted his truce tweet to Meek Mill, assuming after hearing both Meek Mill AND rapper Juelz Santana may have been directly involved in the scuffle.

In case you missed it, this is not the first time these boys went at it. Just a few days ago Chris Drake AND Meek were all going in on Twitter...

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