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"TALK OF THE WEEK": Jay-Z Replaces Rihanna w/ New Roc Nation Look-a-Like Because Of Chris Brown?

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It looks like it's getting ugly!

From Snooki being prego to Jay-Z replacing Rihanna because of Chris Brown..... the town has definitely been been talking this week. But when we asked, you said this Jay-Z/Rihanna/ Chris Brown thing had you talking the most!


Listen to the "Talk of the Week" w/ Lady T below:

Don't mess with the boss man, otherwise you may just get the boot. We told you about the rumors of Jay-Z being disgusted that Rihanna and Chris Brown has reunited and have new songs together. Now we're hearing that Jay took it a step further and has eliminated Rihanna from a song that Drake wrote especially for her called RIP, and instead replaced her with none other than Roc Nation up-and-comer, Rita Ora...

And what's even sicker, is that Rita Ora has the striking similarities of Rihanna's looks and all of Chris Brown's ex's and girlfriends!

Watch out RiRi....

If this is true, do you think Jay-Z is over exaggerating or do you agree that Rihanna and Chris Brown should have never reunited?

Sidebar: Rita Ora is allegedly dating Kim Kardashian's bro, Rob Kardashian.

And what does Chris Brown's current girlfriend think about all of this? If you missed it, allegedly her and Chris have an "open" relationship...

Download Rihanna & Chris Brown's New Songs + What Does Chris' Girlfriend Think?!


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