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Lil' Kim Calls Nicki Minaj A "Stupid Hoe" (VIDEO)

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And the saga never stops with these two!

These girls have been going at it for a while now, and as most of us already know Nicki' song "Stupid Hoe" is all about Kim....

In case you missed it.... Lil' Kim was on Bravo TV "Watch What Happens Live" recently, ironically playing a game called "Plead The 5th," which we all know Kim is familiar with, since that's the reason why she spent a year in jail... Well, Kim played the game and of course they would bring up Nicki!

Kim seemed hesitant at first on the subject but then ended up calling Nicki a "Stupid Hoe" herself...

Watch below:

And what about that Grammy performance...

Not too long ago, Lil' Kim explained to us why her and Nicki REALLY have beef, click here!

Lil' Kim Tells Lady T Her Side Of The Nicki Minaj/ Cash Money Beef! (VIDEO)

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