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Clive Davis' Whitney Houston Speech The Night She Died (VIDEO)

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Clive Davis honors Whitney at his Pre- Grammy party, as her lifeless body laid a few floors up...

It's like a sick, twisted movie scene but it was all too real, when Whitney Houston died just a few hours before she had to perform at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy party. So what ended up happening? The party went on while Whitney Houston's body was still sitting upstairs, waiting investigation, in the hotel room just a few floors up.

Clive ended up turning the party into a star-studded tribute but one YouTuber writes,

I still don't understand why anybody who truly care about Whitney or loved her would attend a party at a location where her body was four floors away, less than four hours after she had died. Don't understand it. I guess the show must go on for them even if the body of one of their peers is lying four floors away. They even delayed removing her body before the party ended to accomodate it. Unbelievable.

Here is Clive's speech that night...


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