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Update: Twitter Lets Government Censor YOUR Tweets

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Isn't Twitter supposed to be about FREE speech?

Why do we feel like since 2012 has gotten here, our freedom just seems to be slipping more and more away? Twitter has promoted itself as a beacon of free speech.... but now Twitter says it has the power to block tweets in a specific country if the government legally requires it to do so! This has triggered an outrage around the world....

Back in August we told you that the Police Departments have organized special units just to monitor your Social Media status updates. Now they have stepped it up a notch, with the FEDS and the Government stepping in.... which some people feel are threatening our civil liberties.

This all comes just months after United States, Eqypt, United Kingdom and other countries organized freedom protests via Twitter and other social networks.... and also comes just days after congress tried to almost shut down all of our favorite websites with the SOPA & PIPA acts.

Twitter insists that it remains fully committed to free speech though. It used to be that if Twitter removed a tweet, it vanished from the Web. Now a tweet that violates the law in one country will still be visible in the rest of the world.

A censorship notice will be posted by Twitter whenever a tweet is removed, similar to what Google does. Twitter also says it would not remove any tweets unless it is legally required to do so, and then only after an internal review.

How are you feeling about all this censorship going on on the web??


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