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Demi Moore Doing Drugs w/ Daughter When Rushed To Hospital? -- 911 Call Released!

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Was Demi's daughter doing drugs with her when she was rushed to the hospital this week?

It's very possible that Rumor Willis, Demi Moore's 23 year old daughter was with Demi when she went into a semi-conscious, convulsive state.

The 911 call just got released....... if you listen close, around the 00:54 mark, you'll hear the caller ask,
"What is the address Ru?"

Sources say Demi was clearly smoking something and, we hear, inhaling nitrous oxide (whip-its) with her daughter right there.

Just 2 weeks ago in Demi and her daughter were spotted partying together in Hollywood...

Sources say Demi has also been addicted to Red Bull for about a decade now, which could have helped lead to her being rushed to the hospital as well. Friends say she was starting to replace meals with the energy drink.

Get well Demi.


Demi Moore Rushed To Hospital

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