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Tebow's Winning Streak Crushed By Tom Brady & Patriots! But STILL May Makes It To Playoffs???...

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No Superbowl ring this year for Tebow and the Broncos....

He's been praying on fields across America....

But this week Tim Tebow's winning streak came to an end.

A month after New England quarterback Tom Brady​ won the first game in Denver.....Tim Tebow and the Broncos had another shot at the AFC's No. 1 team...But Tom Brady and the New England Patriots weren't giving up that easy. The Patriots beat the Broncos 10-45, ending Tebow's streak.... and will now advance to next week's AFC Championship.

Which teams do you want in this years Superbowl??


Tebow may still be at the playoffs after all!

CBS wants Tim Tebow to join its broadcast as a guest analyst for the AFC Championship game between New England and Baltimore.

"We've had conversations with his (Tebow's) people," CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus told the USA Today's Michael Hiestand. "We have a request in. We haven't heard back.

Tebow is expected to inform the CBS suits by midweek if he'll be hanging with Bill Cowher, Boomer Esiason, Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino on the CBS set.

UPDATE: 1/18

Tebow has turned down the offer to appear as a studio analyst on CBS’during the we shall see him next season...starting for the Denver Broncos.


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