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Common Clears Up Drake Diss!

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Common says he's not fighting wth Drake over Serena Williams, yea right!

If you missed it, Common has been going extra hard at Drake and calling him out on songs...

So during an interview on Sirius radio, Common wanted to clear it up... claiming that his beef with Drake doesn’t have anything to do with Serena. Instead, it’s all about Hip-Hop and keeping it raw.

To me, you can express yourself in many different ways, but I was just missing that hardcore Hip Hop, that raw Hip Hop sound, and I was just talking about it. I was saying, man, the song ‘Sweet’ was cats out there doing sweet music. Dude must have took offense to it, so he came out and said some things, and once he said something on record, I said something on record.
I just spoke up for the art of Hip Hop and what I feel about it, and I want everybody to know that Hip Hop is a diverse culture and it does have that boom bap to it too. Once he said something back, that’s when I said, aight, I guess you want to get in a battle with me. And if that’s what you want, then I’ll battle.
In case you missed it, check out Common dissing Drake on the "Stay Schemin'" Remix and "Sweet"...

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