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"Talk Of The Week": No More Internet? New Bills Introduced!

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Could we lose our freedom online forever?

This week some of the biggest websites and search engines in the world, like Wikipedia and Google, blacked out their sites. It was all in protest of the new internet bills Congress is currently trying to pass........the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) that would end up striping us all from our freedom of information and speech online.

End Piracy, Not Liberty! Sign This & Pass On If You Want Freedom Online!

After lots of backlash.... President Obama stopped SOPA and PIPA from passing, and both bills have been put on "hold."

But on the flip side, ANOTHER legislation was introduced this week to combat online piracy....

Meet the "OPEN" Act:

OPEN would give oversight to the International Trade Commission (ITC) instead of the Justice Department, focuses on foreign-based websites, includes an appeals process, and would apply only to websites that "willfully" promote copyright violation. SOPA and PIPA, in contrast, would enable content owners to take down an entire website, even if just one page on it carried infringing content, and imposed sanctions after accusations -- not requiring a conviction.

While our President was fighting for our internet freedom, somehow he managed to make his way around the country, even sung a lil' Al green.....


Listen to the "Talk of the Week" w/ Lady T below:


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