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NBA Celtic player Kevin Garnett Chokes Out NY Knick Player On 1st Day Of Season! (VIDEO)

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Just one game into the season, and NBA players are already getting choked out!

After The Knicks won against the Celtics 106-104 all hell broke loose on the court...

Kevin Garnett may already be in some trouble for almost choking out his former teammate Bill Walker following Sunday's season opener against the Knicks.

The incident was quick: after the final buzzer Sunday, Walker approached Garnett, who responded by grabbing his neck. The two were quickly separated, and that was seemingly the end of it. Now, though, Helin posits that given the circumstances-- on Christmas, during the season opener, on national television--the league could come down unusually hard on Garnett for what would usually be ignored.

It would hardly be a surprise to see NBA Commissioner, David Stern, and co. hit Garnett with a fine or even a suspension.

David Stern was dealing with his own issues as he got booed when he started speaking at the Mavericks game, but he quickly turned them into cheers by offering his congratulations to team owner Mark Cuban.


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