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A Homeless Christmas: Orlando 2011 (TOTT Exclusive - @DjeLamentz @DjLadyT)

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Imagine spending Christmas on a hard cold concrete street with no food.

On Christmas day, after we gathered around with our families and enjoyed the great food and festivities....we couldn't help but think about those families and individuals who do not even have a place to sleep for the holidays, let along have a meal to eat.

So we took a trip with Lady T and Dj eLamentz to Downtown Orlando, Florida and decided to give every homeless person in sight a few bucks and/ or a gift for the Holidays...

First we ran into Willie, who was so excited to see us and get money that he kept on jumping up from his seat with joy.

He was just so excited to get even the smallest bottle of body spray...and that someone even though of him.

His smiles were just the beginning of our Christmas journey.

We soon walked a few blocks down, near a church, where we found this guy..... quietly reading his book, thankful to have someone acknowledge him.

But just two steps away was the rest of his crew, gathered, possibly having their own Christmas celebration, just with no food or any of the festivities we are used to.

We gave each person there a few bucks for the night. There was only one female with the group, who was so happy to receive a bottle of perfume as her only Christmas gift this year...

Once people got word what we were doing, one by one they came by. And one by one we gave them each money for the night.

Talking to some of these people you can tell they weren't always on the streets, but somehow they hit rock bottom.

One homeless poet, named Ronald, said he has thousands of poems stored away and even read one... that brought some of us to tears.

Just when we thought our night was over and we reached most of Downtown Orlando's homeless...we turn the corner and find this man....cuddled up with blankets and pillows on a hard cement staircase.

It was almost like a light hit him when he seen us....

At the end of the day, we feel everyone deserves a second chance at life...

Happy Holidays from Lady T, Dj eLamentz, B-eZ Radio and the whole family.

The feeling you get when helping someone is priceless....To help out homeless people and make a difference in your area - click here.


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