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JUST RELEASED! Lil Kim Talks Lady Gaga Using Her Style? TOTT Exclusive

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Did Lady Gaga Take A "piece" of Lil' Kim's style?

Looks like Lil' Kim is getting ready for a come back in 2012 with her fifth album. She recently tweeted that she was in the studio with 50 Cent, along with a photo, that has some saying she is stealing from Lady Gaga's style...

“A little preview of what’s to come.....I Love U all :) !!!!!!!!! I’m Coming!!!!!!!!! #HappyHolidays”

But if you listen to this unreleased interview, Lil Kim explains to Lady T from why she thinks Lady Gaga is the one who took pieces of HER style. But Kim clears up that Gaga made it her own.....listen to what Kim had to say n the interview below...

(Lil' Kim & Dj Lady T)

So we got to ask....Who's stealing from who? Or are they just all influenced by each other?

Kim also took jabs at Nicki Minaj in the interview. Both ladies have been still going back and forth with new diss tracks...

Will these girls ever get along?

According to Kim, it's not going to happen....she says that Nicki will have to
"pay for her mistake."

*The interview is from the beginning of 2011. (Lil' Kim is featured in our Best Interviews of 2011 list - here)


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