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2011's Most Talked About!

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From Arnold to Oprah to Casey Anthony to Celebrity break-ups, they had the town talking this year!

Week by week we round up the "Talk Of The Week" for you, and looking back, it's been one wild year....

In no particular order, here are your most talked about stories of 2011:

Conrad Murray & the MJ Trial:

The Michael Jackson Trial

Steve Jobs Passes:

RIP Steve Jobs

Osama Bin Laden Dead:

"TALK OF THE WEEK" 5/1-5/7: Obama Gets Osama

Dallas Mavericks:

"TALK OF THE WEEK" 6/12-18: Dallas Mavs Win Championship & Get Revenge On Lebron James

Oprah's Farewell:

Oprah's Farewell Show f/ Will Smith, Beyonce, Madonna, Usher, Tom Hanks, Maria Striver & More! (PHOTOS)

Beyonce's Pregnancy:

Beyonce Reveals Pregnancy At The MTV VMAs! (VIDEO)

Beyonce Sets The Record Straght About Fake Baby Bump Rumors!

Justin Bieber's Baby Momma Drama:

Justin Bieber Baby Accuser Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Arnold's Sex Scandal:

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Secret Child & Baby Momma Reveals Herself & Gives Details Of Affair!

The Royal Wedding:

Royal Wedding Madness! Sister Steals Spotlight!

Regis Leaves "Regis & Kelly":

Regis' Last Show


Football's Back! Players Approve Deal To End NFL Lock Out

"Talk Of The Week" 11/20-26: The NBA Is BACK!

Chris Brown's TV Meltdown:

"Talk Of The Week" 3/20-26: Chris Brown Goes Ballistic & Breaks Windows Over Rihanna Interview

Naked Celebrities:

Nicki Minaj's Nipple Slip On GMA!! ABC Apologizes

Rihanna Goes Topless!!

Ashton Kucher Gets Naked In 1st Episode Of "Two And A Half Men"

Move Over Nicki.... Kelly Rowland's Showing BOTH Of Her Nipples

Chris Brown Has The Net Going Nuts..Literally! (Naked Photo)

Kim Kardashian:

Details On Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphrie's $2M Wedding! (+PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humpries Divorce

Ray J vs Fabolous Fight:

"Talk Of The Week" 9/18-25: Ray J vs Fabolous, What REALLY Happened?

Nicki Minaj- Boyfriend Scandals:

Amber Rose Sent Naked Pics To Nicki Minaj's Boyfriend?

Nicki Minaj Punched In The Face By Her Boyfriend!??

B.E.T Awards Awkward Moment:

"TALK OF THE WEEK" 6/26-7/2: "Uh, That Was Awkward" Fan Gives BET Award To Rihanna Instead Of Chris Brown

Planking, Owling, Cone-ing:

Justin Bieber "Cone-ing"..... LOL (VIDEO)


Police Move In Overnight To Forcefully Evict The #OccupyLA Movement

How The London Riots All Started..... And How Blackberry BBM Played A Hand

Madness In Libya: Gaddafi Orders Troops & Snipers To Shoot Protesters. United States Imposes

Egypt Free!! ... But Is It Really?

Police Form Unit To Monitor Social Networking Sites

Egypt Shuts Down All Internet and Cellphone Services!

Dead Animals Found All Over After New Years:

Dead Birds, Fish, Crabs & now Crickets?

What in the world is going on?

J-Lo & Marc Anthony Break-up:

"Talk Of The Week" 7/10-16: J-Lo's Single Again!

Amanda Knox:

How Amanda Knox Spent Her 4 Years In Italian Jail

Penn State Rape Scandal:

Penn State DRAMA! Assist Coach Faces 460 Years For Rape In Locker Room

Amy Winehouse:

Amy Winehouse Dead At 27 --- Joins Other Celebs In The "27 Club," CREEPY!

Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan To Be Sentenced To 1 Year In Jail......Again?!

An Answer To All Of Her Problems??..... Lindsay Lohan To Pose Naked For Playboy!

Casey Anthony Goes FREE:

"Talk Of The Week" 7/3-9: Casey Anthony Gets Away w/ Murder

Charlie Sheen:

TALK OF THE WEEK 2/28- 3/6: Charlie Sheen

Japan's Earthquake & Nuclear Disaster:

Aftermath: 8.9M Earthquake/ Tsunami Hits Japan!


A Year Of Craziness: Best Interviews Of 2011!

A Homeless Christmas: Orlando 2011 (TOTT Exclusive)

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