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"Talk Of The Week" 10/9-15: Young Money Drama......Drake's OUT?!

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It's been a pretty drama-filled week....

Between Beyonce's "fake" baby bump rumors and Rick Ross' seizures it's been one of those weeks....

According to you though, nothing was more talked about than Drake leaving Young Money!

At the beginning of the week Drake revealed he was pushing back his album to November... and that sparked up the rumors again of his problems with Lil' Wayne, the President of Young Money.

Drake Pushes Back New Album & Leaving Young Money?!

Rumor has it that Drake has one more album left with Young Money then he's OUT!

By the end of the week...Lil' Wayne took shots at another Young Money member, Dj Khaled.

Find out why.... listen to the "Talk Of The Week" w/ Lady T below:


Lil' Wayne Responds To Uncle Luke Rant & Take Shots At Dj Khaled!

Lil' Wayne & Drake Fight Breaks Out Backstage!

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