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More Drake "Illuminati" Initiation?! + Others Celebs Join In! (PHOTOS)

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Drake covers November's issue of "The Source" magazine.... and he never forgets to leave out his "Illuminati Initiation" gestures.

We've been keeping our eye on Drake..and I guess he's been keeping an "eye" on all of us too.

Time and time again Drake keeps showing us all of these symbols....

Symbols that are associated with the "secret society" of the Illuminati..... like wearing owl shirts, the "all seeing eye" or only showing one eye in photos.

Even the cover of his new album "Take Care" has a bunch of symbolism.

Is Drake trying to tell us something....better yet is he trying to tell "THEM" something?!....

He's not the only one...

Jay-Z Addresses Devil Worshiper Rumors...

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