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SOMEBODY'S WATCHING! Webcam Hackers Spying On Us!

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You click on a link that says "you look cute here" and boom now some man is all up in your living room and you have no idea....Ughhh How creepy?!

If you're slightly paranoid, you may want to cover your webcam. According to computer experts, if a hacker ever wanted to gain control of your webcam to spy on your it's VERY doable. In fact, improperly or entirely unsecured webcams have entire sites devoted to them!

A man in California just got 6 years for spying a girls all around the world.

32-year-old, Luis Mijangos, stole sexually explicit images and videos off girls' and women's computers and blackmailed his victims into sending him sex tapes.

How did he do it?

Federal prosecutors in sentencing papers outlined how Mijangos
"infected the computers of hundreds of victims by sending Trojan emails and instant messages embedded with malicious software that gave him complete access to and control over the victims’ computers.”
He would portray the malicious software as files of popular songs or videos. He would then steal financial information, read emails and then watch and listen to them.
"Often, he then used the information he obtained to play psychological games with his victims.”

OMG creepy!!!

What can you do to stop it?

Don't click on any random links and cover your webcam when your not using it!

Companies like Logitech are already fitting their webcams with prvacy shield...but who's to say hackers can't get into that too.

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