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Avoiding The "Freshman 15"!

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Starting college can be a pretty exciting moment of your life, and so can all the food! Here's how to avoid gaining that "freshman 15"...or "Winter Weight!"

By now most college students are more comfortable in their new environments, having settled into their routines and class schedules. There's also a good chance they've gotten more comfortable finding their way around the dining hall.

We got the scoop from a dietitian on just the right way to help you avoid that weight gain!
"You`re bombarded with a lot of choices. You don`t have your mom there reminding you that you need to eat your fruits and vegetables, and pushing you to have that balance and variety that you`re now responsible for,"
says Medcenter dietitian Kelly Fisher.

While pizza, fries and burgers can be nice treats once in a while, having them on regular basis is simply a bad idea. But even after leaving the dining hall, there are other factors working against you at college.

"The stress, the sleep, you`re up later hours. Nobody`s telling you it`s time to get to bed. You`re socializing, you`re studying. Usually when you`re doing that you`re also snacking,"
she says.

Fisher recommends heading into your meals with a clear mind and a game plan. Pay attention to how you feel, and what you`re putting on your plate.

" All this looks good but I want to start with less because the more food you put on that tray, the more you`re going to eat. Think, I`m going to cut it back some. If I`m still physically hungry I can always go back and get more. Maybe I`m full but that really looked good, I can always have that next time,"
says Fisher.

For a lot of students, class times conflict with meals, so it`s important to think ahead and have easy, healthy snacks on hand. Make sure to eat throughout the day so you don`t set yourself up for a late night binge.

A major part of the college life is socializing, so Fisher also recommends taking advantage of the wellness center with friends, or finding time between classes to take a walk with your roommate.

This plan works for any of us trying to lose those pounds! Good luck :)

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