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News Corp Phone-Hacking Whistler Blower Found Dead!!

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This guy Hoare blew the lid off the whole News Corp scandal and now he's found dead?

Sean Hoare, the former News of the World showbiz reporter who was the first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff, has been found dead.

Hoare, who worked on the Sun and the News of the World with Coulson before being dismissed for drink and drugs problems, is said to have been found dead at his Watford home.

Hertfordshire police would not confirm his identity, but the force said in a statement:
“At 10.40am today [Monday 18 July] police were called to Langley Road, Watford, following the concerns for the welfare of a man who lives at an address on the street. Upon police and ambulance arrival at a property, the body of a man was found. The man was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after.

“The death is currently being treated as unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing.”
Hoare is the man who spoke to the BBC, claiming that Andy Coulson, personally asked him to tap into phones and saying that Coulson’s claim that he was unaware of the practice was
“a lie, it is simply a lie”.

Rupert Murdoch, featured above, is the Chairman and CEO of News of the World aka News Corp and Andy Coulson was their editor from 2003 until his resignation in 2007, following the conviction of one of the newspaper's reporters in relation to illegal phone-hacking.

Hoare spoke to the New York Times again last week, explaining how reporters at the News of the World were able to use police technology to locate people using their mobile phone signals in exchange for payments to police officers.

He said journalists were able to use a technique called “pinging” which measured the distance between mobile handsets and a number of phone masts to pinpoint its location.

Hoare gave further details about the use of “pinging” to the Guardian last week. He described how reporters would ask a news desk executive to obtain the location of a target:
“Within 15 to 30 minutes someone on the news desk would come back and say ‘right that’s where they are.’”

He said:
“You’d just go to the news desk and they’d just come back to you. You don’t ask any questions. You’d consider it a job done. The chain of command is one of absolute discipline and that’s why I never bought into it, like with Andy saying he wasn’t aware of it and all that. That’s bollocks.”

He said he would stand by everything he had told the New York Times about “pinging”.
“I don’t know how often it happened. That would be wrong of me. But if I had access as a humble reporter … “

He admitted he had had problems with drink and drugs and had been in rehab.
“But that’s irrelevant,”
he said.
“There’s more to come. This is not going to go away.”
Hoare named a private investigator who he said had links with the News of the World, adding:
“He may want to talk now because I think what you’ll find now is a lot of people are going to want to cover their arse.”

Speaking to another Guardian journalist last week, Hoare repeatedly expressed the hope that the hacking scandal would lead to journalism in general being cleaned up and said he had decided to blow the whistle on the activities of some of his former News of the World colleagues with that aim in mind.

He also said he had been injured the previous weekend while taking down a marquee erected for a children’s party. He said he had broken his nose and badly injured his foot when a relative accidentally struck him with a heavy pole from the marquee.

Hoare also emphasized that he was not making any money from telling his story.

WOW...................and just days after blowing the whistle AGAIN, Sean Hoare is dead.

Rest in peace, thank you for the info.

So what do we do as citizens? Where is all of our privacy going?

The police say Hoare's death is not suspicious...but remember the police were IN on the phone hacking too! Most would agree this death is very suspect.

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