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Cut The Airport Security Line -- TSA Announces New Travel Program!

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Travelers may soon be able to avoid some of the hassles of airport security -- but not without giving up some privacy and of course a hefty fee!

You can now avoid the long lines, taking off your shoes and hauling your computer out of its case. That is, if you're willing to pay and hand over a lot of personal information.

The Transportation Security Administration announced last week that, starting this fall, it will be testing a "trusted traveler" program that will offer special security lines for travelers willing to undergo a background check and pay for the privilege. Those travelers won't have to remove their shoes or take computers out of their cases, and won't routinely face a body scanner.

The pilot will be open to select frequent fliers on Delta in Atlanta and Detroit and on American Airlines in Miami and Dallas, as well as some people in those locations who already participate in U.S. Customs and Border Protection's trusted traveler programs. Eligible travelers will be invited to join in coming weeks. The TSA plans to expand the program to include more airports and airlines but has not said how long that will take to implement.

The pilot program will begin this fall.

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