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Mike Tyson Plays A Nurse On His New Reality Show "Same Name"! (VIDEO)

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Mike Tyson is a nurse is his new reality show!

Notorious boxer Mike Tyson is going to star in an episode of a new CBS reality show called “Same Name”. The former heavyweight champion will meet a male nurse having the same name as he does. What they will do is change places for a while…

Imagine how it would be like to go to the doctor’s office for a routine check-up and to have Mike Tyson take your temperature of check on your blood pressure.

While Tyson the celebrity had to put up with needles and an all white environment, Tyson the real nurse got to spend some quality time in the boxer’s home in Las Vegas.

Same Name starts on August 7 on CBS. The following episodes will star other celebrities such as NFL star Reggie Bush (ex boyfriends of reality show star Kim Kardashian), actress Kathy Griffin and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff.

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  1. Tyson could've been da best boxer of all time.. but he chose otherwise. Even when he served his time in jail for rape... I was hoping he"ll be champ again.. but when he bit holyfield's ear off.... I totally lost complete respect for him. Mike is the same piece of shit person he was before. All that talent for nothing. Truthfully... Tyson is not all there.. all his appearances and his interviews shows he is a crazy insane person. His pigeons have more sense than him. Next time he releases his birds off the roof top... He should fly with them. Crazy ass nigga...