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Jersey Shore Star Suffers Miscarriage -- Blames Media!

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Angelina is no longer prego and she's blaming it all on the media....and her ex-fiance!

Former Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick announced today, July 26th, she suffered a miscarriage. The MTV reality star announced she was pregnant in late April shortly after getting engaged to her now ex-fiance in an attention-seeking red carpet proposal.

Angelina, who originally broke her pregnancy news to TMZ, now claims it was all the attention and the media scrutiny that caused her to lose the baby.

“Everyone in the tabloids and media weren’t really leaving me alone about it,”
Angelina said about her partying on the talk show Father Albert.
“Basically I wanted it to be my personal business and it really wasn’t,”
Pivarnick told the host.
“It was really hard and I went through a lot of stress and I ended up losing the baby.”

Angelina also blamed her ex-fiance for his part in causing her to miscarry. David Kovacs called off their short-lived engagement just a day after Angelina announced she was pregnant. Kovacs wasn't thought to be the father of the child but for his lack of support Angelina claims,
"He wasn’t even there for me… he was tormenting me… and it was definitely a big reason why I think what happened to me, happened to me."

Angelina left Jersey Shore for good during Season 2 when, for the second time, she packed up and left in the middle of production. She hasn't been on the show since, but she continues to grab media and tabloid headlines for her antics.
Jersey Shore Season 4 premieres on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.


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