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Oprah vs. Natalie Portman Beef?

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Don't invite Oprah Winfrey and Natalie Portman to the same party. The rumor is that talk show queen and very pregnant Oscar winner are on the outs.

Reports say Portman was supposed to be a part of Oprah's After Oscar show but cancelled just two hours before her appearance. The actress said she was "pregnant and exhausted."

However, in a behind-the-scenes episode of her talk show, Oprah appeared to be very understanding about the whole thing.

But a source say there has already been bad blood between Natalie and Oprah, for a while now.

When Natalie was scheduled to promote her movie "Closer" back in 2004, she thought she would be appearing solo.....but that was not the case! Oprah's show scheduled both of Natalie's co-stars to share the spotlight.

Word has it, when Natalie had a fit about not appearing solo, Oprah vowed never to have her back.

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