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Jay-Z & Kanye West Album Tracklisting Surfaces!

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An unconfirmed tracklisting for the Kanye West-Jay-Z team-up ‘Watch the Throne’ has surfaced...

The list has not been confirmed by a reliable source and the list is missing ‘H.A.M.,’ the single the duo released in January to mixed reviews and moderate chart success.

But take a look...

Unofficial ‘Watch the Throne’ Tracklisting:

1. ‘Lift Off’ (Feat. Beyonce & Bruno Mars)
2. ‘Murder To Excellence’
3. ‘Illest Motherf—er Alive’
4. ‘Why I Love You So (Guilt Trip)’
5. ‘That Sh– Crazy’
6. ‘Living So Italian’
7. ‘Who Gonna Stop Me’
8. ‘Whole Lifetime’
9. ‘We Are Young’
10. ‘Anthem’

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