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Jay-Z New T.V. Show?

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Could Jigga be turning cartoon....

Some reports say, Jay-Z has struck a development deal with Adult Swim that would involve an original animated series. This isn't the first time the Cartoon Network has collaborated with rappers; the Adult Swim-themed album The Mouse and the Mask was by Danger Mouse and MF Doom, T-Pain had a cameo in Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Mos Def, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg all had speaking roles in The Boondocks. But this is on a whole other level.

Jay was expected to announce the development deal at the Adult Swim show he just performed at, but no official announcement from him and not many details.

So as of right now....still a rumor.

We will keep you posted!

Would you watch though?

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