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Wiz Khalifa Talks Natalie Nunn & Amber Rose "The Bird Feeder Ran Out" (AUDIO)

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Wiz Khalifa went to Funk Master Flax's radio show in New York City to talk about the battle with Bad Girl Natalie Nunn and Kanye's Ex, Amber Rose over him.

“I met (Natalie) her in Pittsburgh, she wasn't lying about that…she was working and I came to check her out at her job. She was way cooler than she seemed on TV, I gave her the benefit of the doubt…I was nothing but nice to her. It was a good first meeting.”

Wiz continued to talk about Natalie,

"The (bird) feed ran short. It was just real unfortunate. So it kind of sucked. I go out of my way to be nice."
Then Wiz calls Natalie mean and Flex starts making fun of "Natalie's tell all" book. Flex goes in on Nat and says the book should be called "The Bird Chronicles."

“Umm she's pissed…you know what Flex, I'm real nice. I'm nice to pretty much everybody. “

What about Amber Rose are her and Wiz officially together?

Listen below:

Natalie did have a whole lot to say to Wiz and Amber - if you missed it click here!

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