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Rihanna premiered her new video for her latest single S&M.
Rihanna is perfectly good at being bad in the new S&M video
,says her website.

The raunchy video has already been banned in 11 countries. BBC Radio 1 has also allegedly stopped playing the S&M before 7pm because of it's lyrics.

The video even says Rihanna's "The Princess of the Illuminati"

Check it our for yourself...

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  2. Illuminati puppet. Google it with her name, and you'll be surprised at what you find. Have you noticed that illuminati puppets sacrifice someone close to them? Examples: Kanye West sacrificed his mother. Jennifer Hudson? Killed her family. Brandy? Killed Whitney Houston. Lady Gaga? Killed Lina Morgana. Jay Z? Killed Aaliyah. The list can go on and on!!! There's awhole lot more out there.