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Jim Jones: "Crash" Trailer + "Toast" Album Photoshoot (VIDEO)

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Rapper Jim Jones got into a really bad accident on January 17 in Atlanta, which resulted in his vehicle being totaled. He tweeted to his fans,
"Just had a very bad accident pray for us."
Now Jim breaks his silence on a car crash which nearly killed him and addresses the incident on the new track, "Crash."

In the new song Jim reveals,

"After they finished searching the van for drugs/The officer told me, if I don't believe in God, now is the time to start/I was halfway asleep, faded off the sour/Not knowing that could have been my last hour/I seen it clear, we was on 85/Road looking clear, doing 'bout 85/A smooth sail turned into a crazy ride/I wish I could say a n*gga watched the way he drive/But he was just trying to swerve a deer/I didn't get to see him but the Lord heard my prayers/Head-on collision with the car rail/And I'm a firm believer that God's real/I felt my van crushed against the hard steel/At that point, I can't tell y'all how my heart feel/I seen happen, we were spinning like a bottle top/And I was praying, 'Lord, please make the bottle stop.' ..."

Check out the trailer for "Crash" below:


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