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The Original "Love The Way You Lie" by Skyar Grey. BEFORE Rihanna (#MP3 #DOWNLOAD)

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Rihanna's not the 1st one to sing "Love The Way You Lie" matter fact, she didn't even write it. No, RiRi doesn't write her own stuff so that's when singer/ song writer, Skylar Grey, came into the picture.

Skylar says,
“I’m not primarily a songwriter for other people, I really am an artist. I wrote the demo initially for myself because I thought, ‘Oh, I have this big song, and now I have a little bit of a launching pad to put out my own stuff. As soon as Rihanna and her team heard my demo, they were like, ‘Oh we want it for Rihanna’s album,’ so I had to make the decision if I was going to let them have it or not. But I did and so it was on Rihanna’s album, too. “I still felt like it would be cool to let people hear my version of it, too.”

Listen to the original "Love The Way You Lie" below:

Skylar is also on "I Need A Doctor" by Dre and Eminem - you can listen to that here.

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