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Nicki Minaj NY Times Feature: Says Lil' Kim "Can be a nasty character." (PICS + VIDEO)

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During a recent photo shoot and interview with the NY Times, the NY Times asked Nicki to speak on her current arch nemesis Lil Kim.

Nicki says that she thinks her negativity “makes it even harder for female rappers” and adds that she'd rather the Queen Bee just give her her props instead of being a “nasty character.”

She told The Times,

“But the thing that I want to promote is that if you see someone doing their thing, give them their props. We all have it hard and face the same challenges as female emcees. Show some mutual love and respect for each other so that it doesn't get nasty. And she can be a nasty character.”

Check out Nicki's NY Times feature below.


We don't want to talk about this issue any more after this. Nicki is sending a positive message to empower females, why go against that?

For some reason females always go against each other, and that does make it hard for females to success. As we said time and time again, we are huge Lil' Kim fans, but let's face it, Lil' Kim had girls screaming to get there chochas licked and Nicki is has them empowering themselves. If you honestly take the time to listen you will hear that Nicki is a girl with a lot of talent and with a lot of inspiration. If your not a fan, then it is what it is.

But this may be a good time to tell you guys that Nicki announced last week,

"Pink Friday under the 'HipHop/Rap' genre has the highest selling first week from a female in HISTORY."

via her Twitter account!

Congrats that's BIG.

our FAVORITE track is "Save Me." (We will probably feature that ;))

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