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Granny Dj Rocks The Crowd! You Gotta See This...

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The latest party circuit girl to wow the club scene is 69 year-old Ruth Flowers, a.k.a., Mamy Rock.

This deejay granny is quickly becoming the hottest act in town, with bookings throughout Europe, and most recently in the US.

Mamy Rock has deejayed her very first American gig at Anaheim's Electro Festival where she performed for a packed crowd of 3,000 adoring fans.

"They want to touch me and kiss me and they throw me gifts, bracelets off their arm and I've had two red roses thrown at me by young men and I think that's rather lovely for an old biddy like me,"
she said.

This granny has not always been a deejay maven though. She started spinning at the turntables only a few years ago after being inspired by a performer at her grandson's birthday party.

Since then, her newfound career has sky-rocketed, taking her to some of Europe's most exclusive clubs, including a headlining job at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Now she's breaking into the American market, and is off to a good start, according to her electro rock fans.

"For sure I've never seen a deejay who looks like her, dresses like her and I'm kind of jealous that my grandmother doesn't dress like that,"
said Chris Gonzalez.

While in LA, Flowers also hit the recording studio, prepping her next single, "69" - a nod to her age. But Flowers said she's going to keep rocking for as long as she can.

"As long as my health holds up, I will carry on. I don't intend to retire. I don't think anybody should retire if they're enjoying their work and know what they're doing."

So it looks like this granny will be spinning well into her seventies.

LOL.....Will you be partying with Mamy Rock???

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