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Kanye West Album Cover Art Banned - Plans To Drop 5!! Wal-Mart Speaks Out! (Video)

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Oh my! Yes, this is Kanye's album cover art for his latest atest release My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

During an interview at his L.A. movie premiere for Runway, Kanye told cameras that he plans on releasing five album covers for his latest release My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

His previous proposed album cover has allegedly been banned in the US.

There was word that Wal-Mart was banning Kanye's CD because of the cover art.

Kanye took it to twitter:

Kanye tweeted
"In all honesty...I really don't thinking about Wal-Mart when I make my music or album covers...I wanna sell albums but not at the expense of my true creativity."

BUT.......apparently, they're not at fault this time and a Walmart spokesperson said,
“We’re excited about Kanye West’s new album and we look forward to carrying it in our stores on November 22nd."

"As always, it's our standard practice to carry the edited parental advisory version. We did not reject the cover artwork and it was never presented to us to view."

In the video below Kanye talks about his inspirations for the art, why he liked it and his proposed plan for the 5 album covers. Check it out below:

Great way to stir up some controversy but what do you think about this cover?

Check out Kanye speaking more on this subject on Ellen:

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