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Who Uses Their Cell Phone The Most - Females or Males?

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A recent study by Nielsen looked at a year of phone bills from 60,000 people and discovered that women, Hispanics and African Americans text and talk the most out of everybody. Nielsen reports that African-Americans use the most voice minutes – on average over 1,300 per month. The next in line for the title of 'most chatty' are Hispanics, with 826 minutes a month. Asians and Pacific Islanders use 692 minutes on average, while white people use roughly 647 minutes per month.

Looking at it from a male vs. female angle, women are much more talkative than men, talking 22 percent more (monthly averages are 856.3 minutes to men’s 666.7). Women text more too, sending an average of 601 text messages each month compared to the 447 men send......Men your not too far behind though!

601 messages may seem like a lot, but it's nothing compared to how much American teenagers text. Nielsen's study found that the average teen sends or receives 2,779 texts in a month. This number falls by about half when you look at the 18-24-year-old age bracket (1,299 messages per month), and again cuts by another 50 percent when you look at the 25-34-year-old bracket (591).

Your location also factors into how much you talk. Nielsen says those in the South are more talkative.

lol ... interesting right?

How much do you text and talk each month?

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