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Record Label Orders To Lady Gaga Put On Weight

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Yup! Usually we hear to loose weight but Lady Gaga's record label, Interscope, has ordered her to gain some pounds! (They must have liked how that "extra meat" looked on her at the VMAs! Haha)

But seriously thought, the word it that Gaga has apparently been urged by management at Interscope that she must put on weight following a number of health scares this year.

"She was baffled by the request since the industry usually only wants skinny," quoted an insider as telling to MTV.

"She feels like she almost can't win either way. Her record company said she can't continue moving at breakneck speed without eating. These habits have to end right now," the insider added.

Do YOU think she's too skinny?

We think it's great to promote good health. Lady Gaga has had tons of scares...and that's just the ones that made it to media. But why now? Why wait so long then? Did something just happen that we don't know about?

Or do they just think she's too skinny?

Either way, hopefully Gaga has a healthier year ahead!

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