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Dr. Conrad Murray Calls MJ's Kids To Testify

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Dr. Conrad Murray is reportedly set to call in Paris and Prince Jackson as two defense witnesses in the manslaughter trial against him over the death of Michael Jackson. He believes their testimony could prove that the pop icon was indeed a drug-addict.

The source said:

"After saying goodbye to her dad at the hospital, Paris said, 'My daddy is so cold again. He was always cold. He would sit by the fire to get warm. We were always afraid he would fall in as we was so close to the flames. He couldn't get warm. Now there he is… so cold.' Prince and Paris knew their dad relied on Dr. Murray to survive and knew their father adored him. Their comments, if they back him, could save him from jail because it would work well in the eyes of a jury."

What do you think?

Should they really bring them in to testify? Or Do you think they have been though enough already?

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