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Flloyd Mayweather Allegedly Punches His Baby's Mom In Her Head! Arrested For Grand Larceny, get the 411...

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. was just released from Clark County jail

Mayweather didn't have a thing to say about his arrest on a grand larceny charge earlier today ... an arrest that stemmed from an alleged domestic incident at his baby mama's house......

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s baby mama claims the boxer struck her "multiple times in the head with his fist" and then threatened to kill her.

Josie Harris went to court yesterday and filed a request for a restraining order against Mayweather -- and in the docs she states that Floyd came into her Las Vegas home Thursday morning and awoke her by,
"pulling me by my hair and throwing me on the ground in my living room and began punching me in my head."

She claims Floyd then began
"dragging me on the floor and twisting my arm back ... in attempt to try and break it."

According to the documents, Josie claims Floyd
"continued to beat me in front of [the couple's three children]."

Josie claims that Floyd threatened the children -- saying if they
"ran or tried to call the police he would beat them the same way."

In the docs, Josie also says Mayweather
"yelled and screamed that he was going to kill me and my boyfriend and make sure we are taken care of."

Interestingly -- Josie claims, in the docs, Mayweather had been at the house roughly two hours before the alleged attack -- and was yelling at her about her new boyfriend.

Josie claims she had to call police ... who arrived and escorted Floyd out of the home.

But according to Josie, the boxer didn't stay away ... and Mayweather re-entered the home through her son's side bedroom door -- and that's when the alleged attack went down.

Mayweather was booked and held on $3,000 bail.

He was not charged on the Domestic Violence so far. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Mayweather was arrested and booked for grand larceny related to the domestic incident. According to the report, Mayweather allegedly took personal items from Harris' house.

If this is all true indeed....shouldn't Flloyd be charged more than the average man? He is licensed as a boxer...

50 Cent is taking Flloyd's side on this but seems to somewhat agree with me on the fact that he is a boxer and a hit from him would not be the same as the average man.

“Another case of angry baby momma wanting momma. Police are looking for @FloydMayweather, I just got off the phone with him...she's claiming he hit her but has no brusies. Floyd went to see his kids last night, if a fighter of Floyd caliber hits you, you would be bruised…I talked to him before and after the situation, he wasn't even upset. He said he asked her why the house was so dirty and she started trippin…”

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