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Chris Brown's Mom Apologizes For Crazy Twitter Comment! WOW lol...

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So C. Breezy's mommy decided to really let her feeling out on Twitter recently and now she attempting to take it all back after tweeting this:


Seriously, she had me laughing with this post for a few minutes. Is she serious?????? lmao!

I mean, it's technically not even funny though. It's crazy because I was actually able to chill with Chris Brown and his mom a few times while interviewing him a couple of years back, and his mom is like the sweetest little thing. But damn, after all that has happened and with all the wild comments and silly things Chris has done since the RiRi "incident", I'm almost ready to just cross off his family all together. That may sound harsh but it's like how many silly comments are these people going to say before we start saying maybe they really mean these things. (In case you forgot all the "silly" things he has done since, I will attach a few random links at the end of this post)

So, obviously the comment didn't go over well with MJ fans or fans of Chris Brown either, so the harsh statement was removed from her page, but not before damage was done.

After receiving harsh criticism over the comment, Momma Breezy issued a statement to USA Today and explained what she meant by the insensitive tweet.

In her brief statement, Momma Breezy states that she meant to express her son's love for the late icon and that she hopes that Chris Brown will carry out his legacy in music.

“I'm so sorry that the tweet I sent yesterday was misunderstood,”
she wrote.
“What I meant to say is that Chris has always been inspired by Michael Jackson's music and his career.”

LOL ummmmm..... I definitely didn't get all that in the original tweet but although the backlash has seemed to relax a little, she did tweet this to haters:

"Angels continue to lift ur heads ever so high and ask God to guide and lead u throughout the good and the bad. Stand strong on his word!!!"

When are people going to learn, this is social media…not your private conversation. Twitter is basically a Press Release. Wonder if she would've sent out that statement to the press? lol Smh.


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