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Nicki Minaj Revealed! Is She A Lesbian or NOT??????

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Uhhhh, so Ne-Yo's about to have a baby, and now Nicki Minaj is not a lesbian?? These celebs really know how to keep us on our toes huh?

Nicki Minaj has spent most of her career leading the public to believe that she either goes both ways or she's a flat out lesbian.

But now she’s sayin’ that ain’t the case.

Nicki’s cover story in the current issue of VIBE magazine kills all speculation about her sexuality. The writer notes:

She until now let rumors of her bisexuality fester
(“I don’t date women and I don’t have sex with women”)
She got us all fooled!!

Was this all a gimmick???

Nicki probably got a husband and three kids lol, ok I'm totally exaggerating here, but I'm pretty sure she probably has a boyfriend (most likely her dj/ assistant we ALWAYS see her with)

Everyone has a character in this thing we call the Entertainment I always say, it's wrestling! (Watch the WWE and you will know what I mean lol)

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