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Suge Knight Takes Kanye West To Court!

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Suge Knight and Kanye West are about to head to court to lock horns in legal battle that stems from a shooting that occurred at a Miami Beach party in August 2005.

The often-in-the-press-due-to-legal-trouble Knight, who founded Death Row Records, was shot in the right leg by a still-unknown assailant at the Shore Club. West was hosting the party before the MTV Video Music Awards, which took place in Miami that year.

Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Eddie Murphy, Paris Hilton and the Black Eyed Peas were in attendance at the party, where it's reported that at least six shots were fired. No one has ever been arrested in connection with the shootings.

Knight has issued a lawsuit which claims that West and the Shore Club's owners failed to provide the necessary security, that they should have been well aware that the party could incite a dangerous environment for partygoers and that Knight incurred $200,000 in medical bills from a gunshot that shattered his femur. He will seek total damages of well over $1 million. He also claims to have lost a 15-carat diamond earring, worth $135,000. West and his legal team, along with club ownership, deny the merit of Knight's claims. Knight initially brought about the suit in Los Angeles when he was filing for protection from creditors after filing for bankruptcy.

The trial is scheduled for December 6 in Miami. If Knight does indeed win his case, he'll be forced to share the damages with the bankruptcy trustee and the IRS.


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