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Rihanna Ripping Off Grace Jones Too?! You Got To See These Pics!!

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Here we go again! Just the other day it was Lady Gaga ripping off Grace Jones now it looks like Rihanna is walking in that same direction and this is one is definitely blatant! Take a look....

Now, some would say Grace Jones should be happy when others are using HER style. But I dont think our younger generation knows much about Grace Jones, and if you are not telling them aka paying homage, then it kinda is copying, don't ya think?

Is Rihanna ripping off Grace Jones' style here?

Grace Jones actually spoke on this exact situation recently, and she is NOT happy about Lady Gaga using HER below for that story!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grace Jones Says Lady Gaga Is A Copy Cat!! Check the pics....

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