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Waka Flocka Released Last Night

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Waka spoke on the incident...

"I don't know why these folks think they locked me up for a very long time. I only been there for like two and a half days. That's a long time to them, I'd hate to see where my life'd be. Yeah [I was Tweeting from jail.] Oh yeah, I was on that. When the guard was coming, he was telling me I was getting out."

Well, club promoters said that knew Flaka was coming out and sure enough
they were right. Rapper, Waka Flaka Flame is back!

TMZ reported that Waka was not going to be released but according to
sources rapper Waka Flocka was released from jail at 12am on March 19th.
He also wrote on his twitter , @WakaFlocka1017, to talk to his fans via
tiny chat and took the time to apologize for not showing up for clubs
and parties he was supposed to host.

"Whats next ............

Sorry 2 Va and Tenn i cant make ima b out at 12

For a person that cant rap sure goes thrU 2much BS

the guard coming lol GONE"

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