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Drake Says He Looks To Jay-Z As Mentor Now That Lil Wayne Is Gone

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Drake is looking to Jay-Z to be his temporary mentor, while Lil Wayne is in jail.

With his usual mentor behind bars for the next 12 months on weapons charges, Drake's looking to Jigga for guidance as he prepares to release his debut album 'Thank Me Later'.

Drake bonded with Jay-Z when the pair worked on a song for 'Blueprint 3' record and they have also performed on stage together.

"He definitely has guided me a lot, as far as his words and his advice."
Drake said.
"We have a real funny rapport. I always enjoy my conversations with Jay. It's good.

"When Jay says something, it's different from anyone else. It just means that much more. Jay just has this aura about him. It's like, 'That's why you're Jay-Z.'"

Drake told MTV:
"For a guy like me who grew up wanting to be Jay-Z, it's influential - it's very, very influential. We have great conversations. Just life. "I'm not type of character that you have to sit down and instruct. I'm pretty aware of myself and how to go through this whole process [the music industry]. The conversations are just funny and good and settles my mind."

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