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Real World Star In Serious Car Accident.

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According to a report released today, the controversial character "Puck" on the 1994 season of MTV's The Real World: San Francisco, was severely injured along with his son. David Rainey (his real name) was apparently traveling Route 79 on Friday, March 19, 2010, when he swerved to miss a dear, which resulted in a horrific accident that left Rainey and his 8-year-old son with major injuries.

The pair was brought to a San Diego hospital where doctors found Rainey had broken bones in both feet, one hand and his neck, along with fractures on his clavicle and sternum. His son reportedly bruised internal organs, but has since been released. There is no word on what kind of vehicle he was driving, but it apparently the vehicle rolled down an embankment then landed upside down in a creek, where father and son were trapped. Rainey was able to free his son, who flagged down help despite his injuries.

As Puck, Rainey was a bicycle messenger who ended up getting booted out of the house on The Real World as a result of his abrasive and prejudicial behavior. He was crazzzzzy on that show! He has appeared on several other MTV shows, including Real World reunions, as well as a bit role in an Eminem video, according to Wikipedia.

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