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Lady Gaga Gets Sued By A "Friend" For The 2nd Time This Week?!

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Fame is giving Lady Gaga more money problems. More "former" friends are coming out the woodworks wants their cut.

Bassist Tommy Kafafian, another former collaborator of the “Bad Romance” hitmaker, is claiming he is still owed royalties, but unlike producer Rob Fusari, he is not suing the singer.

He said in an email to The Star Ledger,
“I don’t wanna sue anybody. It’s really not my style… I’m just gonna keep moving forward until Lady Gaga can’t walk down the street without seeing my face or hearing my music.”

LOL good luck buddy!

Kafafian claims he spent months in a studio in 2006 with Fusari and the 23-year-old singer, real name Stefani Germanotta, to found a sound inspired by the cure and Missing Persons. They even considered forming a band, but they broke up when she signed to Streamline Records/Interscope.

Germanotta then reached out to him once more as she was preparing to tour in Europe and Asia last year. He joined her and recruited other musicians for the road show. But when she put together new dates for North America, she replaced the band.

He was disappointed but abandoned the idea of filing a lawsuit. He said he has yet to be compensated for “Disco Heaven,” a track he helped wrote for her debut album “The Fame.”
Kafafian said that instead of hiring lawyers, he will just focus on his own music, both as a solo artist and as a Dirty Pollyanna band member.

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