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Fashion Guru, Tim Gunn Disses The Kardashians- Calls Kim A "Poser" [Video Included!]

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Fashion guru Tim Gunn appeared on the Joy Behar show last night and basted Kim Kardashian and her siblings for a style that he referred to as vulgar and has a cheapness and tawdriness to it. He said that though their look might have some sexiness to it, it fades quickly.

Gunn wasn’t reserved when let out the verbal critique either. Joy Behar attempted to defend Kim and stated that she was a pretty girl and looked liked Cher. Gun had commented that he was ‘not a fan of how they navigate the world,’ and remarked on the ‘pretty’ comment.
“She is a pretty but she is a poser. I find that when she is static and still, she has attractiveness. I find that when she`s moving it all goes away for me, at least.”

Check him out talking about it in the video

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