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Casey Johnson Friends & Lesbian Lovers Lash Out At Tila Tequila For Publicizing Casey's Death! [Funeral Arrangments Included]

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Casey Johnson was linked to many beautiful women in her short, tragic life - some in friendship, some in love and some in shocking tabloid controversy.

They include:

- Former Playboy bunny Nicole Lenz. She was Johnson's roommate at one time, but wound up suing the heiress for defamation, claiming she planted stories that falsely suggested Lenz stole more than $750,000 in bling.

- L.A. socialite Courtenay Semel. The heiress daughter of ex-Yahoo CEO Terry Semel reportedly dated Casey and was also tied at one to Tila Tequila.

- British socialite and model Jasmine Lennard. Johnson was arrested in late November and charged with stealing $22,000 in underwear and jewelry from her Hollywood home. (Supposedly she used a vibrator and also left that on Jas' bed as well!)

- Heiresses Paris and Nicky Hilton. The famous sisters grew up with Johnson. Nicky Hilton is godmother to Casey's adopted daughter, Ava, 3.

"I am devastated," Paris Hilton said about Casey's death "I feel so sad, I don't want to believe it."

You can hear the Casey Johnson 911 call below...

In the after days of Casey's death. I have been reporting Tila Tequila's mourning tactics from her twitter page.

Casey's personal friends don't seem to like it very much and are speaking out...

"She keeps Twittering about her grief and her 'wifey,' but we know she's just using Casey's death for her own publicity. It's disgusting,"
a friend of Casey's told the NY Post.

"The truth is that if Tila did really care about Casey, where was she when Casey was truly in need, when Casey was on her own before New Year?"

Casey's ex-girlfriend Courtenay Semel is also speaking out. "The thing I find the most sickening is that the media is giving [her] the one thing she craves: attention. Tila, you knew her for a week," she told People.

Even Casey's former friend and ex Jasmine Lennard, who I reported sued Casey for home robbery, is coming to her defense. "You NEVER even knew her. You have known her for a total of one month you took advantage of someone in her weakest moment. You enabled her death and prevented her getting the help she SO DESPERATELY needed for YOUR OWN selfish purposes," she tweeted.

"You took advantage of a sick girl and YOU killed her. Shut your mouth back the fuck off and have some respect."

Tila, for her part, maintains that she was the only one looking out for Casey and sat down for a bizarre video farewell and posed for paparazzi outside her house. Seems like everyone is questioning Tila's motives in this. Check out her mourning photoshoot outside her house:

So let me ask you this....

Do you think Tila is using Casey's death for publicity?


Previously I reported that Tila and Nikki Hilton were fighting over Casey's dogs. (click here to read the story and watch the actual footage) Tila told press Nikki was planning on putting the dogs to sleep to be buried along side Casey.

Well, sources tell TMZ Elvis and Zoe were "taken to a veterinarian in Los Angeles for full checkups and were then released to the [Johnson] family."

Also has new details have emerged on the funeral arrangements for the late heiress.

A source tells us Johnson's funeral is scheduled for Sunday at 11 a.m. at the family plot in New Jersey.

A wake will be held tonight.

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